Happy Birthday Bella!!!

All I can say is YEAH!!!! We’re 1 year old today and I’m just as excited as her. 😊

She’s made so much progress over the past 8months with both her behavior and health. I’m glad we have each other.

So here’s some selfie shots from the past year πŸ˜…
My adoption photo 😊

The moment mom fell in love πŸ’œ

First day on the job πŸ˜‚

So photogenic πŸ’œ

This will ALWAYS be my favorite photo of her. So beautiful. 

Oh how the time flys by 😊

And people think pit bulls are aggressive *shakes head*

Bella and Hedwig cuddling on the couch. These two are practically inseparable 
And today before my pizza party 😍😊

Couldn’t decide between a steak dinner or pizza to celebrate!  So I went with the one that didn’t involve me cooking lol 


Not much to say…

Long time no post 😊 lol

I’ve been super MIA lately! I can’t seem to think of anything worth posting or rambling about … 

So here’s a picture of Bella 😊 

Baby girl will be a year old next Wednesday! I’m so excited!  And surprised at how quick the time has flown by. 

She’s been doing SOO much better in the health department, from what I can tell. Going in tomorrow for a check up and vaccines (fingers crossed no more medications will be needed), Currently she’s on nothing but whole food supplements and omega 3s.  πŸ‘πŸΌ And they do seem to be making a difference with her. 

We’re still learning how to jog properly, without tripping up mom lol and occasionally she finds a tennis shoe she prefers over her bone πŸ˜‘ but for the most part she’s a doll 😊

From our run this morning – she wanted those baby geese so bad πŸ™ˆ  I think we should lay off the squeaker toys for a while lol.  


Blissful journey πŸ’œ an update on BellaΒ 

Baby girl  and I had a lovely run this morning πŸ’œ I couldn’t help but to snap some selfies of her in the sunrise ✌🏼

She seems very interested in my new found love for yoga and early morning runs 😊 glad she’s not making go solo lol

Yesterday we had another “Take the kid to work day”! 

She was due for a recheck and heart worm testing, which both came back with very good results   We also did some other bloodwork on her to test for any other harmone inbalances that could be contributing to her  vaginitis and new found hair loss 😣… ugh. 

Tomorrow  I’ll find out what the results where and hopefully it’s good news. 

As for now, her puppy vaginitis is doing better ( πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š ) and she’s only on whole food supplements vs hardcore medications. It may take longer for things to get 100% but I feel better knowing I’m feeding her body properly so it can heal itself vs just attending to the issues at hand. 

I’m just going to consider her my little partner in crime on the diet and healthy living front πŸ’œ lol 


Work day with mom and a check up!

So here we are again, Baby Bella (who isn’t so much a baby anymore) spent the day with me at work again  πŸ˜Š It’s been so long since I’ve taken her with me! 

She was the image of a perfect lady (for the most part lol) and she got a chance to meet her new sister, which is the new pit puppy of one of my coworkers πŸ’œπŸΆ

Hopefully they will become better friends once the new pup isn’t so nervous around a bigger pup ☺️

As for her check up… it went differently than I had hoped. But not as bad as I worried. 

We’ve been battling UTI’s and hormone issues since I adopted her, along with her abnormal front leg (which thankfully causes her no issues).  This last month she has been doing really well in the UTI department and off medications for the whole month πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜Š

But, unfortunately we’re not out of the woods yet.   Yes, her UTI’s have cleared and her bladder seems to be in tip top shape! But now it’s her lady bits that are causing an issue and requiring more hormones and possible medications to correct … πŸ˜‘ sigh. 

Tomorrow I will be consulting with a supplement company that my clinic works with very closely and hopefully finding something that could prove helpful to her vs on going medications. 

Oh the issues with spaying a girl to young πŸ˜₯ she’s being a trooper with all of this. But it breaks my heart to think this could all be due to early spaying. 

I understand the counties reasoning for doing so, but I wish there was a way I could have signed something promising to do so when she was of age. Or had my veterinary sign something for me…

But we can’t change the past, all we can do is work to create a better future. 

Now, please don’t take this as a reason to not adopt a pet. Far from that! 

Take this as one of the reasons why pets should be adopted from shelters! So they can have a loving home that will help them with whatever they need. 

I mean, who knows what would have happened to her if I hadn’t found her? Would she have been dumped again for urinating all over the house? 

Would it have all gone unnoticed and she would have been in pain, living with an infection that kept getting worse?

Who knows. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Maybe someone like me would have gotten her and she would be right where she is now, getting the medical care she needs and a little extra TLC.

It’s hard to say what the outcome would have been.  But I am glad she’s with me and I’m able to help her through all this πŸ’œ

The puppy diaries 

Life as we know it

So Bella up there is enjoying the start of the winter season. 

I must have picked up the wrong dog because we have two totally different opinions about the snow πŸ™ˆ

And It’s been falling down all morning and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Oh boy, I’m not ready for this stuff yet. 

For me, snow means the heat is turned up, the fuzzy socks are out and the nerves are kicking in about driving to and from work everyday πŸ˜‘

Ugh! I hate driving in the snow. I hate it with a burning passion… I just wish the passion would melt the snow a little , ya know? Lol at least on the roads. 

That’s all I ask.

   Bella on the other hand is jumping around outside like a spring bunny and constantly begging me to let her back out!

She is going to make this a long winter…

Although, one of my “pros” for getting a puppy (yes, I made a pros and cons list) was that she’d get me outside more and help me be more active. Pretty sure she’s fulfilling my pros. 😊


Living the life

First off 

I wanted to say Thank You to the people who contacted me about reviewing my debut novel Blakefields Mansion β€οΈ

My heart is just fluttering with the kind words and the honest critics I’ve had so far 😊

So again, thank you so much for your support and help. 
Now on to today πŸ™ƒ

Bella here, would like to take a moment and ask if you’ve heard of HOME by the author Eleni McKnight??

If not, then I highly suggest you scroll over and get your copy of her debuts novel HOME and follow her blog as well!

I’m currently reading her book and I admit I’m extremely pleased 😊 I should have been done with it a week ago but with NaNoWriMo going on my reading was delayed some. 

But I’m back on it and plan to have my review up by Sunday! Hold me to t! Lol

If you have already read it, comment below and tell me your thoughts. Don’t forget to help a fellow writer out by leaving her a review on Amazon or Goodreads!


Autumn bluesΒ 

I am in love with these leaves!!

My mom lets me roll around in them like crazy!

I’m growing by the day so my mother tells me. Still battling a UTI due to my lack of hormones from being spayed so young πŸ™ I have a few accidents in the house from time to time and my mother tries her hardest to keep her patience with me. 

But I’m not letting that or my wonky leg slow me down. πŸ˜€

I take my antibiotics and bone supplements daily , don’t open any cheese within ear shot of me or I’ll come and run you down to get a bite!

I also have a new baby brother in the house who I can’t get enough of. He likes to play chase with me and he doesn’t mind cuddling up with me when I’m a little gassy 😜